SAT 4 MAR 2017, 2 pm* + 8 pm*
* Performance with SURTITLES™






A Théâtre du Trillium production

If social media were theatre, this is what they would look like. A torrent of comments, news, messages and images gushes forth without rhyme or reason. A Babel of intimate and public voices intermingle. But there’s a common thread to it all: the desperate need to comfort troubled minds.

On stage, seven actors, dancers, singers and slammers create an amazing performance that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s not quite dance or performance art; it’s totally theatrical, richly emotional and astonishingly thought-provoking.

Written and Directed by ANNE-MARIE WHITE // Body language, physical training and dramatic vision Mylène Roy // Compositions, musical choices and vocal arrangements LP Loignon and Anne-Marie White // Choreographic writing Mylène Roy and Anne-Marie White // Vocal training and interpretation LP Loignon // Artistic accomplice Louis-Philippe Roy // Assistant dramaturge Jessie Mill // Lighting Julie Basse // Costumes Geneviève Couture // Rehearsal staging Katy Raymond // Show staging and production director Benoit Roy 

With Marc-André Charrette, Nicolas Desfossés, Marie-Eve Fortier, Alexandre-David Gagnon, Lissa Léger, Micheline Marin, Frédérique Thérien


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